Rpt.-Thur.-07-25-19 Local Bass fishing!


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Apr 25, 2003
Diamond Bar, Ca 91765
Cory Visser
So we went fishing on the Rubber Ducky, with Captain Lal, Thur. 07-25-19 and crew Mark. We launched out of Davies in Long Beach at 5:45 am. Rain drops were falling on our heads as we exited the flat calm harbor.

There were one foot seas with no wind, the forecast called for 4-5 knots of wind in the morning and 8-10 in the afternoon. So far they were close.

Lal set a course for the pipe in Newport Beach, where Lal had enjoyed more success over the weekend than previous and more recent trips to Izor’s and the Shoe, or even PV, all which have shut down with cold 61 degree water.

Out of the harbor, water temps were 69.5 gradually cooling to 66.3 at the Pipe. It sprinkled most of the way down and continued about 20 minutes after arriving. Fortunately the balmy air temps protected us from discomfort, yet we needed to keep our jackets on.

The meter on our first drift was loaded with fish, almost all of which had lockjaw. We tried various depths from deep to shallow, stones just off the pipe, etc. All these areas held fish, but we could only scratch out 8 mixed Bass for three of us, with most under 12 inches and the biggest being maybe 1.5 pounds. After scratching and banging our heads together for over two hours, we yelled uncle and headed back north.

There are a number of stones along Huntington Beach and Bolsa Chica, and we stopped on all of them. Yep, we stilled metered fish, and lots of bait, but another two 8 inch Calico Bass were added to our totals, sad?

On to Izor’s Reef, where the water temps rose to 67.5, and the water was fairly clear and grey/blue. We spent three hours hitting probably 15 to 20 stones and structure areas. The amount of fish displayed on the meter was insane. Sure there was also an awesome amount of bait in the area, I guess keeping them fat and happy?

The current was unreal, our 1 oz. lead heads scoped out like crazy, and the boat drifted at a very rapid rate. I cannot remember ever having such a strong current with absolutely no wind? At 10am, jackets and sweat shirts were removed and we began sweating! The cooler on board, loaded with cold beer, was raided repeatedly by all of us.

We ended the day a 1pm, with still calm seas and little wind, maybe now a bit of wind over five knots. Perhaps a slight breeze, maybe?

Although Izor’s held a bit bigger Sand Bass and a few Calico Bass over two pounds, the fish didn’t want to play much anywhere. We ended the day just over 30 mixed Bass, maybe 75% Sand Bass. I managed to catch and release a nearly four pound Sand Bass, whereas Lal caught and released a 3.5 pound Calico Bass, our only picture fish:

Lal-Bass-07-25-19 2019-07-25 001 (1024x768).jpg
Lal-Bass-07-25-19 2019-07-25 002 (1024x768).jpg
Lal-Bass-07-25-19 2019-07-25 003 (1024x768).jpg
Lal-Bass-07-25-19 2019-07-25 004 (1024x768).jpg

Well Lal, certainly a better weather day than recently, the Bass just didn’t want to play? You gave it your all; we’ll get em next time. All Bass were released.

Hook up! Cory
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Feb 23, 2012
la mesa, ca
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Beautiful calico!
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Apr 7, 2003
So Cal
Robalo R180 Trailer Trash
With all this slow bassing, we’re grabbing a scoop of bait and hitting Cat with a thousand other boaters this weekend.
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