Rpt.-12-01-20 Local Bass and Critters.


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Apr 25, 2003
Diamond Bar, Ca 91765
Cory Visser
Fishing on the Rubber Ducky, Tuesday, 12-01-20 out of Davies in Long Beach at 6:0 am.

First time out since Lal’s wife Barbara passed away. And for me it has been about a month, with poor weather, Holidays and a mini vacation to Pismo Beach keeping me occupied.

Short and sweet no worthy pictures, biggest Calico Bass about three pounds, biggest Sandy 2.5 pounds. Started at the 105, worked our way all through the Shoe and then up to PV. We scratched out 30-35 Bass, 80% Calico Bass. We added a dozen assorted critters, Sheepshead, Whitefish, Sculpin and Rockfish. All but two Sand Bass released and kept a few of the critters for fish tacos.

Fish were caught equally on lures and Kman red flake plastics. I cheated and used a little strip of squid on the lures, which the whitefish love. So do the bass.

A drop-dead gorgeous day on the big pond. On the trailer at 2pm, without any wind to speak of.

Hook up! Cory
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