Rods for sale seeker, kencor, calstar

sharkman gary

Keeper Catcher
Nov 5, 2012
San Fernando Valley
Don't have one :(
Hey, I need cash and I need to sell these rods.
Kencor NZ kayak 766c 6.7 feet x 1sec 10-30lb $50
Rarely fished

Kencor 105ssf 6'9" 20-50 blank with reel seat just needs guides $40

Seeker honey glass 7 feet 10-20lb stick $55
Rarely fished

Seeker E-glass This rod is a 8.3 feet 10-25lb $120
Haven't used it since purchase

(SOLD)Seeker SS-C-ULUA93H-10′ CT 10feet 25-60lb(SOLD)
Used it 2 times since purchase from another bloody decks member

Calstar black glass 9feet 20-50lb Blank NO GRAPHITE straight black glass $50
Never got to wrap this blank so its just sitting there. Has been wrapped before.

Give me some good offers and will see what we can work with. I will also take trades for a 20-50 stick or 30-60 somewhere in that range Factory wrapped preferred but show me what you have. Will also take a a torium 20 or a newell p220.

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