Roddy Br8, Uc Rod and Super Seekers


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Feb 24, 2010
moreno valley and Santa Ana c.a u.s.a
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I have a beutiful roddy br80 solid 25 -30lb stick 8'1ft. Rod is frestly wrapped has original reel seat and cork handle full glass to the but. $200 price Droped $160

United composite Us 85 Mega 8'6 20 -40lb . Solid stick lots of pulling power. Beutiful custom made top of the line component.Only used on one trip. Has a nice reel seat and hypalon handle. Im asking $200.. Price dropped $175

Super seeker 70h greenie black on black deck hand style solid 50 60lb rod long beach made. $300. Price dropped $280

Super Seeker 93h Ulua projext x 25-60lb 10ft rod. Bad ass looking jig stick has sic guides used but in great condition. Lb made $350 price dropped $330

714 3056452

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