Rod to Match Saltiga 60

Fresh bait

Oct 5, 2015
A Dalloul
I purchased this reel recently on a deal that was too sweet to pass by. I fish out of Southeast Florida, mostly on jetties and piers, and I do a few party boat trips every once in a while. I am looking for a rod that can cast 6 & bait when I am fishing the piers/jetties and something that I can use off a party boat. I currently have 65lb braid backing and a long 50lb topshot on the reel. I have a couple other set ups that I use for this same application with 30lb mono, but I was hoping to avoid the 2 rod scenario, one for the pier/jetty and one for the boat. Can you guys recommend any rods between 8 & 9ft for this application? Target species will be anything out of the southeast coast, mostly larger game, i.e. kingfish, bull reds, snook, tarpon, snapper, permit, and grouper.