Rockspray pond Peachtree city Ga 4/29

Phil mckracken

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  • Jun 4, 2020
    So there I was,
    So on Thursday, I go down to Luther glass as usual to fish in the evening.
    Trying out some jerk baits as suggested by a friend and all of a sudden I hear this beating of a drum. And I mean load, for like 5 minutes straight. So I decide to go check it out. There’s this lady, beating this drum and doing this dance and I’m like, “wow, that’s different, I’ll Snapchat and send it to the wife and kids.”
    Well, she does this dance, and puts this stick in the water, turns it about a couple times, and sing, and dances, and what not and I get up to start to fish again. And she’s doing this, I’m seriously seeing all these fish just blowing up on in the shallow water, I cast, and wammo, I get the birds nest of all birds nest ever. I mean I’ve only had a couple like this and it was when I fist started to cast conventional reels 30 plus years ago.
    I said “wtf just happened? She put vudoo on the lake, I’m outa here!”
    Now, I go to this other pond on Friday, and start to try and learn these stick baits, there action, how fast to wind and etc. so after a few cast, I slow it down a bit, give a couple tugs, and I see this mouth coming up from the darker water. The water in this pond is super clear. You can see all the way out to the drop off which is about 3 feet away, as I said, I see this mouth wide open charging for the bait. Well, I dam near shit the bed, as I’ve got very little experience fishing bass. She hit that thing hard, did a turn and I just was in shock. I quickly got back to my senses and wound down on her a bit and started walking up the bank as quickly as I could to get her out of the water and man, my personal best bass ever.
    Long story, I know, but, I don’t know if the lady out a hex, as I now believe she may have blessed me. Shortly after the bass I fought a foot long crappie to boot.
    Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Both fish were released to fight another day. The bass looked as if she just came off bed. Cheers and thanks for reading




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    Nice Black Crappie, even better table fare then the Black bass you caught!!!

    Great report.

    Extra points, and maybe even a donkey, for posting the video of your fishing Muse.
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