Rockfish Saute

Blue Seas Fab

Oct 21, 2003
Un-charted desert isle
Boat Name
23' Sea Hunt Ultra
Well since its that time of the year, and those delicious beauties are stacking up in the freezer...
Chop finely/ puree ALLOT of garlic, ad this to1/2 cup oliveoil+ 1stick butter add crushed black pepper, sea salt (careful here if your using salted butter) and a on chopped chipotle pepper. Warm this stuff together, not hot enough to start cooking, for several minutes. Pour over your fillets and set aside for about 1/2 hour or all day if you put it in the reefer. When ready to cook, heat up a skillet med hot, then toss em' in 2 or three at a time. Throw in some capers. They will cook fast, so dont overcook. Really good on top of fresh, bacon wilted spinach (again, its that time of the year) And QUICK
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