Rockfish and Bones...

Saba Slayer

Saba Slayer
Oct 19, 2004
Palos Verdes
Jim Salazar
18' Welcraft CC, Hobie PA 14 and Hobie Outback
I was invited to launch from one of the yacht clubs today and even had a tow, out to the deepwater spot...what a nice lazy morning...and what a BEAUTIFUL day
I really needed that Aqua Therapy...
We obeyed the recommendations...Social Distancing in our separate boats...
The PA 14 tows pretty good even up to about 5mph...Thanks Jeff at Cedros and Kevin at Hobie for the advise...skeg down, rudder up, and drive out with the plug in.
We launched about 8am and we both had limits by 9:30...I used the AHI Squirts, strips of Squid and 8 ounces of weight...Nothing big today...but lots of bites and all quality Reds for me...John had a couple bigger Salmon Grouper...wormy bastards...
The offshores were blowing pretty good good till about 9 when it switched around...there was about a half hour of perfect weather then the wind came on pretty good from offshore.
There are lots of perfect bait size Macks out there right now...they were a pest in a couple of the rockfish's amazing how quickly they can screw up a fishing rig...LOL
On the way back in John and I trolled the outer break wall with a couple of Rapalas and a Daisy chain hoping for a stray luck would have it, we found a couple of schools that wanted to play...nothing huge, but two was enough to make Poke, Tuna rolls and some spicy Tuna for my wife and I tonight...That Bonito is sooooo was really nice to have some fresh raw fish tonight.
Kinda weird to have schools of Bonito around in April...maybe they got stuck in quarantine...
Hopefully we'll all be back on the water soon...I feel blessed to have had that opportunity to fish today...Thanks John...!