Road Trip to Los Cabos


Mar 17, 2010
Kailua-Kona HI USA
46' Viking, Mi Novia, Quepos, Costa Rica
Hey Guys,

Thanks for the help and info for the drive down, it was very helpful, great trip no issues, except we lost out A/C in Mexicali and the external temp read 106 long day. First time driving lots of check points simple and easy to get through them, but there must have been over a down from Mexicali to Cabo. Great thing about Mexico is they fix shit, got the A/C repaired in Cabo for 120$ probably would have cost me 1500$ in the states after buying all new stuff. Food and hotels were good and inexpensive the whole way down, i will for sure stop ion Loretto for a few days next time.

Fished 1 day in Cabo, water is still colder but blue at least inside 10 miles we didn't hit 80 degrees for September this is unreal, outside 18 we hit 84 we went 1/2 on stripeys, I guess there are a few tunas and dorado at the San Luis. some bait on the banks but no bolitos or chuilis yet. It has to be coming soon.
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