River duck opener 10/21-23


I kill stuff
Jul 22, 2003
Killin time, Bill Collector
Blain Perkins said:
Hay Mike Last weekend I only shot 6 Ducks for two days I think they left the valley. Or the water level was verry low in the ditches. But check this out I stop at a few ditches and turnd my Gordon Setter Loose He kick out at least 25 Pheasants in one and 20 in another it was crazy, Pheasants going all directions. So I Quickly Wrote down the ditches and cross roads.. What a good find for the Opener on Nov.12. I shot 5 Mallards One Greenwing Teal. I wont go down till the 12th give the Dogs a rest, OK I Need the rest.

That's what I'm talking about! We use to hunt the canals/ditches all the time, did very well but its been years since we did it. We shot 3" #4 steel..... good enough pattern for both ducks and ringers.:)
Water levels are funky all over. Don't know why. The farmers need to order a shitload of water or the lower river and canals may never be right this year.
Our season doesn't really get good till after turkey day. It's game on after that. We'll have to get together and blast em this year!