Offshore Rinse and Repeat 8/7


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Dec 14, 2011
La mesa ca
17 ft invader cc (Somethings Fishy)
Launched at 4 this morning with my buddy from Montana for another quick session before he heads home. Picked up an awsome scoop of bait and headed out in semi confused seas.

We headed between the 302 and 226 since the water temps down south dropped a ton from Monday. We got lucky and found a kelp loaded with all you want yellows at 29 over 33. Water in this area was clean green and 68 degrees. We quickly filled up on yellows and went on the search for tuna but never found what we were looking for.
We went west, north, and then back south and didn't see one fish, much different from Monday. Radio chatter sounded dead everywhere with cold water down south and warmer water north but not much life.

We hit the south 9 on the way back in to top off or fish count with 10 nice reds. On a side not we did see the Mexican navy at the south 9 running around and there big boat was posted up at the border, so make sure you have everything if you head that way. Good luck and stay safe!
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