Penn rescuing a penn jigmaster-sized bridge plate and damaged gear sleeve.


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Jul 24, 2005
Saratoga, CA
alan tani
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i've been working on a set of horribly corroded senators from a local charter operation. every reel is seized up. i can't just replace all of the bad parts. if i did that. the cost would be more than the reels are worth. so this is a rescue mission, not recovery. the goal is to replace only a fiber washer with a carbontex drag washer in each reel. otherwise, i want to stay with all of the original parts. old and crusty? i can scrub it with a greasy toothbrush or hit it with the wire wheel on a bench grinder and get it looking acceptable. rough gears? just gotta live with it. grungy drag washers? just clean up the carbon fiber drags and grease them, then replace only the fiber washer under the main gear. loose handle grips? the brass spindles can be pressed in and tightened. and the bridge plate? they're all seized. yeah, every single one. and the tops of these jigmaster brass gear sleeves are all rounded off. the best solution is to replace them with stainless steel, but those are over $20 each. so we need to pull the old gear sleeves off, clean them and re-shape the tops of the gear sleeves so that the handle arms are tight. then hopefully with greased drags, the tops of the gear sleeves will not round off again.

ok, so first, let's get the seized up gear sleeve off of the bridge plate. tap out the retaining pin, hit it with a propane torch for 40 to 60 seconds, and it will come off.

next, we have to clean off all of the corrosion.

you can see the play at the top of the gear sleeve. we're going back to my bench vise and we're going to flare the top of the gear sleeve with a 1/8th inch hex bit. a 1 ton bench press would work better, but the vise works well enough.


because the hex bit will damage the internal threads, you have to clean up the threads with a 1/4-32 tap. this is the one piece of hardware that you must have.

and this is what it looks like when you're done!


this is how you rescue a seized bridge plate and damaged gear sleeve. to really do this right, a stainless steel gear sleeve is best, but if you have to make do, invest in a 1/4-32 tap and you should be all set.
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