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Oct 20, 2012
Orange, CA USA
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I am a pitbull owner. Six pitty rescues (sprinkle in a couple of shepherds as well) so far and another rescue on the way to be fostered on Thursday.

The issue isn't your dog. The issue of dogs off leash is the other dog. My wife was walking our two pits and was attacked by a Chihuahua that was off leash. The dog was vicious, kept attacking and wouldn't stop. My older female pit eventually subdued the rat dog and it died some time later. The little girl at the house that owned the rat dog was bitten by the rat dog trying to help break up the attack. The urgent care she went to called animal control.

My house was visited by animal control. The officer wanted to take my dogs and called them vicious. We had to defend our dogs and refused the officer into our home. After providing a written statement we had prepared before the door knock, knowing it was coming, the officer visited the offending dog home and then corroborated the story. We still had to then defend yet another investigation of our dog being vicious by the county because a dog had died, as standard bureaucratic protocol. If my wife wasn't an attorney, this could have cost $ to keep my dogs alive.

Moral of the story, leash your dog.
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