Repower Cost TAMD41 to YanMar 4LV350


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May 30, 2003
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I was trying to get an idea on the cost to repower. When i look on the internet the YanMar 350 goes for $17,000, but when i contacted a local YanMar dealer they said the engine is $35,000. Why the huge difference in cost? Also on a different subject I discovered that my dipstick was missing from my port transmission. I found the top part of the plastic dipstick in my bilge, how could this have happened? I had my oil changed 4 months ago maybe the technician left it out and layed it on my exhaust manifolds or did my tranny take a crap.
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Jan 5, 2005
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Ist off, what gear do you have. on ZF, the dipstick screws in. Very possible it was in loose or not replaced. Easy to buy a new one. A quick check of the engine and bilge areas are normal PM duty on my boats. Engine oil and gear lube is checked prior to all trips.
2nd. Describe the boat and whether it is an I/O or straight shaft.
3rd. Are you wondering about the 4LV250? I believe that is top HP for the 4 cylinder model. If you want 350 HP, you need a 6 cylinder engine. The 4LV250 price should be in the $17K to $25K range with Kanzaki gear. I'm not sure if Yanmar is still using the ZF 630 gear.
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Aug 29, 2005
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If the boat has a transmission/dipstick then it's not a I/O

If your transmission takes a crap, you will know it in terms of no more forward or reverse motion

I think your speaking of a 6LPY yes expensive but very powerful engines, when cylinders are worn, replace block $$$ has a timing belt to maintain

Volvo41 wet liners, easy rebuilld, no timing belt, extremely reliable, not as powerful as 6LP, can be acquired very affordably online sometimes.

edit: just saw your looking at the 4LV, that motor is extremely strung out and is 250hp not 350. same applies, timing belt, no cyl liners. good motors.
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