Replacing Stripper Guide?


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Nov 10, 2005
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Hey rod guru's, I'm looking for some advice.

I have a Seeker Black Classic 6455XXH and the stripper guide has a spot where the chrome flaked off leaving a rough edge. The spot looks to be close to where the line exits the guide and would chaffe the hell out of the line if it every rubbed agaist the spot, though I don't see how the line would get there since the rollers should keep it off the spot. The rough spot is a bit over 1/2 way up the guides exit chute and protected by the upper roller,,, if that makes sense.

Do you thing this merits replacing the stripper guide or should I take the rollers out and polish the crap out of the spot with a dremel and some polishing compound to remove the roughness.

If I need to replace the guide how much do you think it will cost? I live in Las Vegas, so I'll need to ship it off to have it repaired. Where's a place that can replace the guide quickly (before my Oct. 29th 7 day) and do a good job of matching the wrap colors, red/black/gold?

Thanks, Dan


Mar 28, 2005
Orange County
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If the rod is fairly new, take it back and get it exchanged. If not so new, a rodbuilder in your area should be able to fix it for $15 parts + labor ($10-20). If the chrome flaking doesn't bother you, polish it and borrow some of you wifes clear nail polish to prevent further flaking.