Renegade Mike a stand-up guy

Dec 17, 2011
Cutwater 26 "Habibi's Absolute R&R"
Despite the fact that I don't get to visit Mexico as much as I would like to, I still like to read about trips and get excited about future adventures. Because of my ridiculous love for fishing alot of my friends and family come asking me about fishing when they go on vacation. Well recently my landlord from college asked who I would recommend for a charter down in Cabo. Immediately I came up with the three charters that I always hear about (one being the only one I've used and like) and one of them was Mike despite the fact that I've never used him. I told my landlord (his name is Jim) that if it were me i would try and go out with Mike. So when Jim went down for his trip he managed to run into Mike accidentally and asked about getting a charter. When he did so, Mike told him that it would't be worth it because it would just be a long boat ride and that no one is catching anything super special (unlike other charters that had told Jim fishing had been amazing which is a pile of :shithappens:). They then had a nice convo and because things went over so well Jim called me to tell him about his wonderful experience and that he will gladly be fishing with Mike on his next trip down.

I just wanted to share this because even though I haven't ever fished with Mike (I'm dying to!) he was a true class act and I think he deserves some recognition for that, he turned down easy money to keep be a good businessman which i really respect.

As always tight lines everyone!