Relentless 2 Day 9/18-20


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Preface: A recent report flaming this boat and the captain had me second guessing my decision to have booked this trip back in June. But earlier things I had read about the boat and captain were all positive. I'm sure as hell glad I went. The wet spot at the aft end of the berthing area is still there. I wore flip flops to go piss at night. Otherwise, it didn't affect my ability to sleep, nap, or get bit.

Summary: We ended about a fish per person short of two day Mexico limits for yft (mostly 8-15# with some 25#) got a few dorado and a mess of skipjack. I caught 16 yellowfin (up to 15lbs) and at least that many skippies, mostly on white/silver colt sniper 60g. After riding it once, the relentless is now one of my favorite boats- professional, friendly and hard working captain and crew, who work like they love their jobs.

went on a fishing website sponsored trip. I live up near SF and flew instead of drove for the first time. Figured out the Southwest regs (91" x 3") and brought 4 sticks with five reels, mostly in the #15-40 range but one setup for 80# just in case. Waiting for my bag, saw a guy with a wider case, so I guess the regs can be broken, but maybe it costs extra? That's really unclear on the SWA website. After getting my bags, I walked to H&M from the airport- it was an easy stroll but I packed light on the jigs and sinkers.

Put my gear on the boat at 6 and was told that we would board at 8. Went and got some chow, groceries and a picked up a 6er for the crew. Captain Mikey and his crew put off an easy going and welcoming vibe. Was told we were gonna do the yft thing and then explore options, that the yft were relatively close but scattered, between 16-30 miles offshore. Good group of folks on the trip. Finished getting bait at midnight, nice 6-8" sardines, and then stayed tied up to the barge until after 2 am. Nice couple hours of sleep in the AC before we headed out past the point.

Trollers got put out just after 6 am and we worked to the south about 15 miles outside the islands. No love for the first two hours, but just after 8 we approached two sportfisher yachts that were sitting on some fish, with lotsa birds around. One of the boats took off as we slid up, and I noticed the grande and a skiff were right behind us as well. Mikey said something on the PA about this area looks real good and to throw some chum, and then the next couple hours turned into a bit of a blur. I started on the jig, fishing the colt sniper with a 25 yard top shot of 40# and a short fluorocarbon leader. I let the jig sink to about 125' and then did a fast steady wind. Three casts, three fish, but all pretty small maybe the biggest being 10#. About the third one, I started to see that the fish being caught on bait were better grade (15-25#). I switched to bait, and started off with 40# flouro leader with mono topshot to a 3/0 ringed live bait hook. It was pretty much instant and nonstop action straight off the stern, but a bunch of short bites mixed in. The third or fourth bait fish I hung was a good fish, ripping off about 30 yards of line (at 14# of drag) as it sounded, but as I worked around the corner with it, someone hung up on my line and it came unbuttoned. Bummer. After a while, I noticed my baits were still getting attacked but the fish were picking them clean (they were butthooked), and I realized I should have dropped down to 25# a few baits ago. A lot of baits were swimming right back to the boat also, as the wind was pretty slack. I got picked up instantly on the 25# with a size 2 hook, and after landing that fish decided to go back to the jig. At this point the skippies had gotten thick in the top of the water column, and after bringing in a couple that bit on the sink, I started letting them hit and drop the jig so I could get down to the tuna. Got another 3 fish on the jig, at which point both kill boxes were stuffed full, as well as a trash can and one of the bait tanks. I estimated I had caught between 7-14 yft on that stop but really had no idea. At 10 the decision was made to go look for paddys with dorado on a tack to the 43/SCI and see if we could find bluefin schools. There were 150 yft caught on the first stop, a few dorado, and some folks kept the skippies.

It was windier on the outside and the few kelps we found were pretty bare, someone got one 5# yft off one and that's it. We went to the buoy on the 43 and trolled the sw edge for nada, eventually tacking back east to the yft zone hoping for a sundowner. No such luck. Crew cleaned fish till well after 3 AM while we drifted (they hooked and released an 8-10' hammerhead during the night), then we headed south towards the same zone from day 1. When they pulled the fish out of the hold, I had tagged 10 for the day. Mostly 8-12# fish with a couple 15#.

Day 2 started cloudy with some chop on the swell, and was really slow. Came across two groups of boats on schools, but they were not wanting us to join the party so we continued to try and find something of our own, boxing an area south and west of where we fished the previous day with several other boats. Around 10:30am I took a nap and woke up to the engines idling down around noon?. Got on deck to see a mess of skiffs and sport boats, including the San Diego and Liberty, all drifting together in a mass. We were 40 miles from Point Loma. We went way out around the chum line of the liberty and got in on the action. It was a lot slower than the day before, smaller fish and lotsa skippies mixed in. I hooked my first fish casting towards the liberty chumline and doing a near surface jig and wind retrieve. Tried bait on 25# and the only fish I got came in an odd fashion. I had a long soak going next to a guy who was fighting a fish on 20#. I finally got bit (I think) and started to wind. It felt like a small fish and then it felt like it was off. I started retrieving and then loaded up good. As I got the fish closer, I noticed it was foul hooked towards the tail. When it hit the deck I noticed it had another hook in it with a little mono attached. I looked for the guy who had been next to me and he was re-tying. I asked him if he got broke off and he said he did. I told him I think I sawed him off and I'm sorry, and he should see if that was his hook in the fish. Sure enough... I felt a little like a jackass but lucky nonetheless. I offered him the fish and he took it in good spirits and we both had a laugh. I then tried the popper a bit for no love and then I went back to the jig after that, fishing it on 20# with a 25# fluoro leader on an old chocolate saber 197. That made getting bit by the skippies a little more entertaining. At one point the liberty took off and the most awesome 30 second boil happened on the bait that must have been under their boat. It was full on jumpers and whitewater in a 20' x 20' area, but a bit far to be able to cast to. After that subsided, on several retrieves I saw free swimming tuna following but not hitting the jig. Mikey decided it was time to start headed back, just as I started thinking they might hit the 42 g jig. He called reel em in, and I went and made one more drop off the bow with the smaller jig. Sure enough, I got bit as soon as I started the retrieve and landed another football.

We started heading home with the hope of finding another school to finish off. Around 2 pm with no boats around I saw jumpers way off in the distance. Turned out to be an acre of dolphins and Mikey started running that way to cut them off. As we were getting a few hundred yards from them, we passed a paddy off the port side. Double hookup on the troll. I went back and tossed on the 60 g colt sniper on the slide and hung another as soon as I put it in gear. We worked the fish in, with some great effort getting one of the troll fish by the deckhand Trevor. When trying to turn the clicker off, the guy bringing the fish in put the reel in freespool and ended up with a massive backlash, but Trevor saw it and quickly started hand lining it in. I went up to the bow and hung another on the jig on my first drop. After getting that fish in, I went to see the scene in the back. No one was really getting bit on bait, Mikey said there were scattered fish buy they were staying down, and that we should move over to the paddy we hooked up on. I snuck in one last drop before we moved and hung another, which ended up being the last fish we caught on the trip. It seemed we had pulled the fish off the paddy, as we got no love on the chum or jig when we went back to it.


We took a tack back just outside the Islands, had some sashimi and got everything broken down. I missed my flight home (8:30 pm, bad idea from the getgo) and somehow was able to change it to the 6:30 am for free. Called a motel by the landing to get a room for the night, and one of the deckhands overheard me. He asked how much it was gonna cost ($70) and told me that he had a couch I could stay on instead, as he had the next day off. I was grateful for the generous offer and he let me buy him a couple slices and beers in OB that night as a thanks. Kept the fillets in the fridge overnight, got a Lyft at 4:30 AM to take me to Walmart to buy a cooler and 10lbs of ice, checked my bags in at 5:30 (put the ice on top of fish but in the in the blue bag), and was sitting in Silicon Valley traffic by 8, home by 9.


All in all a great trip. Enjoyed meeting a lot of great people on this trip and learned a lot fishing with some really solid folks. The caliber of service and effort put out to find fish, and take care of them was above and beyond in my opinion. Given my experience, I think these guys got a bad rap a few weeks back. If the fish wanna bite, you will have a great trip on the Relentless with Mikey and his crew.


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Fantastic write up! We need to stop telling everyone how well the smaller coltsnipers work.

I fish a two day charter on the relentless every year and have nothing but good things to say about Mikey, his crew, and the boat.
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Glad you ignored the slam on the Relentless, earlier, as not everyone agrees! There were also posts on that slam that recommended the Relentless highly. Sounds like a blast of a trip and you were definitely a hot stick. Too bad on the lost big guy! That's fishing.
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Outstanding report, Eric! Thanks for the write up.. and congratulations on the trip. Gotta love jettin' in like a rockstar to score some fresh tuna.
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May 7, 2008
What hook ... type and size .... did you use on the sniper? Thanks