Redemption on the Poseidon

Sep 1, 2011
North Bend/WA/USA
ZX 20 Skeeter Bass Boat
Last year me and a couple buddies went on a 3.5 day trip with the Poseiden out of Seaforth Landing in an attempt to catch our first bluefin. It was an awesome trip with plenty of yellowfin and multiple bluefin caught. Unfortunately the RSW broke and we lost all our fish. A year later we decided it was time to go again and get our redemption. We booked a 4.5 day trip on the Poseiden again this time out of H&M landing (what an incredible, professional and courteous landing btw!) The trip started at 6pm with the run down to Mexico. Only 13 people including myself booked this trip making a a super light load. Captain Hunter and his crew gave us an great tackle seminar and helped everyone get geared up for the epic days of fishing that were ahead of us. The next morning we woke up and it did not take long for us to get on our first school of yellowfin. The first school was decent with fish in the 15-20lb range the fish were biting small hooks on 15-20lb fluro. We only had a 2-3 casualties due to the light line. The next school was different though, these fish were all in the 20-35lb range. These fish only wanted light line and small hooks as well. As fish started coming over the rail I was able to catch my limit incredibly easy and a few for others as well. The fish got line shy so I switched to a tranx 401 with 20lb fluro. I got a good swimming bait and after it being in the water I was bit by a good one. This fish straight cornhold me. Even playing with the drag I couldn’t stop it. Eventually the fish got me almost the knot all I could do was tighten the drag. The fish popped my 20lb fluro like it was nothing. About a minute after reeling in my busted line an angler caught a 40lb bluefin amongst the school of yellowfin, I could only imagine what I had on the end of my line. We finished up on that school and we’re treated to an amazing dinner by chef Ian. T he next morning we found the yellowfin again in that same 20-35lb range with a few in the low 40’s thrown in as well. We were then on the hunt for bluefin, this was huge for me because I never caught on before. We tied plenty of 30lb set ups and we’re on the search. We had a few schools of non biters but then found the school we were looking for. It was my turn on the kite and sure enough I got a blow up. After a 20-30 minute fight I had my first bluefin on the boat! It was in the 50-60 ranger but I was stoked I got one. Even though it was kite fish and doesn’t really count. I picked up one of my 25lb set ups and began to fish again. After about 3 baits and seeing multiple fish caught around me it happened. I could believe I was bit! This one wanted to fight a little more and it didn’t help that my Trinidad 16 fell off the rod dude to and aftermarket reel clamp. Eventually I got the fish to the boat. My second bluefin within 30 minutes of my first! I was so happy it was unreal! At this point it was dark out, but the fish were still around the boat. My buddy switched to a 120g colt sniper and hooked up and landed his bluefin. The crew suggested everyone switch to flat falls and jigs since it was dark and we weren’t seeing boilers. Something in the back of my mind told me to try one more bait. It paid off. I was the only one with a fly lined bait in the water and I was bit again on a bigger fish. This fish ate 35lb fluro but with a small circle hook. After another 30 minute fight I had the fish up the surface as soon as the deckhand came to gaff it, he chewed through and bit me off. This was a bigger fish for sure in that 60-70 range. I was definitely a little bummed but then realized I had 2 bluefin in the rsw and that being bummed feeling disappeared pretty quick. The next 2 days we focused almost completely on bluefin because the fishing was slow. Only a few 5lb yellowfin were caught that day. The next day the fishing was slow but the boat was able to get 2 100lb bluefin on a kite and balloon with a dead flying fish. We returned this morning with nothing but smiles on the boat. Every single angler caught a bluefin. The final boat total was 120 yellowfin, 30 yellow tail and 30 bluefin. What’s an epic trip. We definitely got our redemption on the Poseiden. Thank you capt Hunter and the crew, this trip will stay with me forever

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Dec 3, 2003
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Good writeup Jack.
It was a damn good trip, and nice to meet you.
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