Redemption 12-20-20



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Feb 22, 2004
Escondido, CA
jeff meeker
26 Blackman Billfisher
Our last 3 trips in the Big Bay have been a disappointment as we saw our trip average take a beating. My 2 go-to spots had dried up; we weren't even getting shorts and we weren't sure if it was the full moon or a big tide swing so we gave the channel a try where we had done pretty good last couple of years where we refined our spots through trial and error. Was a little shocked when we got down to the ramp and found a decent wind out of the south; even more surprised to find a heavy chop coming in the harbor which didn't make for a comfortable trip. Our first pull started at 6PM and we ended up with 1 legal and 4 shorts; we were excited to see bugs in the hoops again. Our next 5 sets grew from there and we ended up with 11 legals nothing huge and maybe 25 shorts. The downside was the pea soup fog that rolled in by 8PM which made it pitch black with maybe 50-75'' visibility at best. We tightened up our strings to avoid having to search for them. Around 930 the Alicia came up and asked us if we needed any assistance finding our way back to the ramp as they were headed in but we had our GPS Plotter and we were good; we picked them up about an hour later and the usual 10 minute ride back to the ramp took 35 minutes in the soup with no close calls. My hats off to the Alicia! I hope this spot will keep producing until we get a big rain to replenish our 2 calmer spots. Didn't see but a couple other boats hooping. We had 6 females and 5 males and we're seeing more males this season than last year when it was 6 females to each male I can't explain it. None plastered yet.

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