Red Rooster Found the Big Bluefin


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Aug 20, 2010
San Diego
Any Boat that I can go on
Yesterday- Red Rooster will be in at 6:00 tomorrow morning
They finished strong today with a 204 ,207 and a 190 on the Bluefin tuna
They had a few other smaller fish that 40 to 60 pound fish as well
Way to go guys
Good job!

Day Before- The Red Rooster
Travelled up and spent the day fishing Bluefin tuna. They had a long day of searching but the work payed off on a shot right before dark for 25 fish 40 to 60 pounds
They saw a fair sign of bigger fish but nothing would cooperate. They have another day to try for BFT and will be in the area first light

reports they are at around 160-180 miles from SD

it is going to be a good year..