Red Rooster 6 day ... Aug. 14-20 ... roll call

Soda Pop

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Feb 12, 2011
Fresno, CA
David Rouse
Long range fishing
Leaving this Sat. on a 6 day on the Red Rooster. Just seeing if any of you Bloodydecker's are on the trip. Just got off the Rooster a few days ago and fishing was good and everyone had a blast. We were suppose to fish the Lupe but plans changed at the last moment... still had a great time catching Bluefin and some BIG Yellowtail on the 5 day. Hopefully we will head to the Lupe this time. But just getting out on the water is ok with me. Larry Brown will be our charter master for this trip. Larry always does such a great job. Hope to share the rail with some of you boys and girls starting this Sat. Aug. 14th. Its going to be a blast.

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