"Reaper Bomber 160" jig. Up close !


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Jun 7, 2009
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Hey guys,

Got my Reaper jigs yesterday. Ordered 4 days ago so reasonably prompt shipping. I'm not affiliated in any way with this company. Just showing the product as it is, so interested folks can make an educated decision.
Jigs came via priority mail, I believe, and were professionally packed just like all the other jig companies.

I still dig the logo and think it would do well on a t-shirt, stickers, and mabye even a hat !
First off, the jig actually weighs 160g. (Starting off on the right foot)

They are nicely painted but don't have a metalic finish. The eyes do have metalic/reflective qualities however, and are clear coated rather than just stuck on the jig (again similar to other high end jig companies).
What they do have is a glow paint that shows up quite well in the dark.
I only used a table lamp on these for a few seconds so a UV light may make them even brighter !
Simple teardrop shape similar to a Nomad "Gypsy " (shown here in 300g )

The jig has a center keel on one side.

And a couple of ridges on the other which give it an asymmetrical shape.

On the business end there is a nice pair of "sticky" assist hooks. They are similar to "Pike" if not actually that brand. Split and solid rings "look" like "Owner Hyperwire " but not sure.

So there you have it. I'll do an on the water review when I get a chance (weather looks good mon 🌞). Then I can report on action characteristics as well as the durability of the finish and hooks, cords, etc. Off the bat, I don't see any reason why these shouldn't work just fine ! Always willing to support a local guy's initial start up !

Stay tuned !


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Oct 27, 2012
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Glad you got your jigs! Love the pics too! Really appreciate the support, hoping to make a 220g version soon. All color designs will be limited to 100 units and will be hand numbered on the packaging.

As for the color designs my GF and I wanted to try our take on west coast style jig colors that we have on our beloved surface and yo-yo irons, I kinda noticed there was none of that available for SPJs and wanted to have a fun version of those familiar colors that we all are accustomed to yet with a modern touch and obviously adding glow for fishing in the depths.

I personally fish them on shimano grappler rods (GRPSJC68ML) and for the reel either a MIJ Shimano Calcutta 800f or a Diawa Saltiga 15h both with 30# power pro with a PR knot attached to a 5' 40# flouro leader. I used to fish with a swivel to the split ring but have now switched over to a solid ring to split ring.

Cant wait to hear about your next fishing trip!

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