• Jun 29, 2021
    John Horton
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    I must have bumped my head real hard because I bought another boat a year ago. Didn't attempt the tuna last season because I was getting familiar with my new gal and getting her some repairs and many upgrades. Uniflite 38 Hard Top SF, Low hr 671 J&T turbo conversion, Rupp outriggers, stinger in the middle, good electronics ... I'm trying to learn the how too's of the tuna. My previous boat which I sold 25 yrs ago was a 48 Pacemaker SF and we primarily played around with the family. I had no clue as to how fish tuna with that beautiful boat. We played with the family and had some friends that sharked fished with me alot and we did re markedly well on the Makos. The current boat is dialed in and I'm making a push to figure out this tuna game, which seems to be getting a little easier to understand after reading all of your posts, thank you. I've caught tuna off the SD fleet down south but as you know it's different on your own boat. I've been out a few times recently and have trolled a few Rapalas on the outside in close at 100-125 yards and a Halco down the gut way back at 150 yards (6-10 kts). Should I increase speed? Of course no one can get their hands on a Madmac unless you allow yourself the abuse on E Bay so I have some halcos and Yo-Zuri Bonitas. Just bought the Bo's so havent run them yet (will do on Saturday). The blue sharks seem to love the Big Rapalas offshore, actually the red halco got nailed hard last friday between the 14 and Avalon in 73 water. I think that it was a big blue because it just sat and sat, not running and the 200lb leader was extremely frayed. I got it up to color and my trout fishing pal who is a great dude who left his pride at home was puking over the side when I needed him to help with the damn belt and gaff. Whatever it was disappeared in 8 seconds while I put the belt on. We got hit three other times on the Rapalas and they all were nasty blue's. Thankfully they were all under 5 feet so I was able to bring them on board to retrieve the $30 Rapalas. Is anyone having any success trolling Rapalas on the tuna and Dorado? Thanks for the read and assistance ...
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  • Oct 15, 2016
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    That's the right speed for rapalas, but they will likely attract YT/Bonita. I would stick to feathers if you want dorado or the halcos/cedar plug/madmac if you want bft/yft and increase the speed a tad if trolling these. Obviously switch out jigs for the areas you're in and anticipated species.
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