Offshore Ranger 85 1.5 Day (7/20-7/22)


Jun 8, 2015
Jeremy Eiler
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19' Trophy Center Console

No photos, so looky-loos keep moving. We left Wednesday night with an ultra-limited load (18 guys, with 30 spots available). Nice! We loaded some bait, and got the schpeel from Jake and the crew (which is excellent, Sam, Scotty, Adon, and Paul and Maryanne in the galley, and Jimmy as the 2nd ticket were fantastic and helped lots of the guys get their fish. Slow traveled down south looking to get into the yellowtail/dorado on the paddies with bluefin/yellowfin in the mix.

Woke up around 4:30am and we scoped for paddies which were pretty far and few between, most of them empty. Around 8:30am we had a stop for 5 yellowtail and a dorado. Jake kindly referred us to throw a bait on the bow and no one budged. I grabbed a new bait and walked up finding an empty, spacious bow. Gave a small cast with the UC CE800 and an Accurate Tern 400 lined with 50lbs braid and a small 25lbs floro leader with a 1/0 ringed flyliner on the starboard side and the bait was immediately swallowed by a happy keeper grade yellow. About 2 minutes in the fight, the hook randomly pulled. I wound in and found another person's braid wrapped around my line, which was likely the cause of the malfunction (Or I just suck). Oh well, onto the next.

The next stop was on a paddy, loaded with dorado which had lockjaw. There were a ton of free swimmers. We packed up shop and when I brought my bait back in, I saw teeth marks sliding towards the tail, indicating I was closer to hooking one than I thought. Dang!

Drove around for another couple of hours and around 12, we found a school of mix yellowfin and bluefin keyed in on a bait ball. It was all show and some go. Sam was hurling 2-3's and the fish eventually made their way to us and stuck around for a couple minutes. Hot deen was the ticket and I hooked and landed a nice 25lbs yellowfin. Killed her using a graftech 7'8M paired with a Penn 25nld2 with a size 2 mustad J-hook. Easy work.

After that, the bluefin played their typical game. We had a few stops where we hooked 1 or 2 fish, and then drifted while they fought em. the secondary bite after the initial stops was nil. Around 5pm we had a stop and I threw a bait in the stern. About half way up the port side (which iI consider a long soak now) I felt my bait get a little ansy and then the precious tick and run of the line. Game on! The fish immedietly took me to the stern starting a little entanglement that Adon and Sam made quick work of, and then back around the starboard side. He wanted to go under the boat pretty bad and Sam was there with the line pusher to avoid the worst. During that, the fish became tail wrapped and I guess the hook pulled and made its way around the tail and stuck in its side. After a quick trip to the bow and around to the port side, the fish was ready to die. The tail hook made the baby 15lbs bluefin a little more enjoyable. I was fishing the same UC CE800 with the 400 Tern, but dropped down to a size 4 mustad. I was amazed the size 4 hung into the fish and enabled me to finish it off. SWEET!

We spent some time going north and that biomass was more happy south of us. We heard mixed reports of 60-100lbs grade bluefin fluffing up a lttle further south from where we were and so we made our way down about 10 miles. Stopped on one school at about 10pm for nil and then we basically wrapped up and turned north for the slow cruise home. Docked and unloaded at 6am.

Overall conditions were a bit choppy, but the Ranger 85 is an easy rider, we chugged through most of the swell and slight wind fairly nicely. Paul and Maryanne provided the classic fanfair of breakfast burritos and a fully loaded bacon cheeseburger. The dinner was excellent, pork tenderloin with a bold chipotle sauce and a spread of rice pilaf paired with green beans and a hearty caesar salad to match. It was excellent and the plates were LOADED. Had my fair share and dipped into the lemon pie as well.

The Ranger 85 is a great boat with an even greater crew. Jake keeps his guys straight and the mentoring and teaching is really present. I can't wait for the next adventure.

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    Figure I'd post some smut for the lack of photos LOL
    LOL The gang here wants pics, bloody decks, fish carnage, etc. Next time bring pics.

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    Thanks for the report! I've seen pics of dead fish before and have good reading comprehension pics needed! I love your first sentence!!
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