Rancho Leonero Report - "Feels Like June" - 3/24/14 by GBW

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    We have just come through the most amazing February. It feels like June with warm, calm days and warm water temps, probably averaging around 74 degrees.With these conditions the fishing has blossomed. A lot of different types of fish around to choose from.The best news of the week has been the arrival of good quality Mackarel.

    Dorado have been biting strongly in the bay. The best bite was off Leonero this week about 2 to 3 miles off shore. Fish were hitting jigs earlier, but note that because mackerel are available the success rate has gone up.

    Striped marlinare spread all over the East Cape. If you target them you will be successful. The bait guys have Ballyhoo for sale as well, which are always effective when rigged to troll.

    The unusual bite this week has been Thresher Shark. Good bite off the Tuna slides just north of Los Bariles.

    The Sierra continue to bite inshore. Mostly an early bite, just as the sun comes up.

    Roosters and Jacks continue to patrol the beaches. With the light fishing pressure my information is limited to the local beaches but I assume the light house area will be hot as well.

    Wahoo have been around all winter. I don't remember a time when so many have been taken at this time of year. One boat landed 19 in 2 days!!

    We will have more to talk about next week when we will have had more fishermen out on the water.


    Gary Barnes-Webb
    P.S. At this time we have 8 rooms left for the 1st Annual Yellowtail Tournament at the Ranch...see below.

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    That's a great update. Thx
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    Thx for the update !!! Always good to hear any news from the ranch!

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