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Sep 28, 2019
Calling on BD wisdom pool. Am currently building a UC CX76 Centaur for 80# service. I typically fish day and a half range out of San Diego. Never thought I would have much use for 80# in this trip range, yet here we are.

I currently have a TAC 16ii that I use for 50/60# work. My question is this. Can I/should I press the this reel into 80# service on the Centaur and back fill my 50/60# needs, or just buy a heavy frame reel for 80#.

Again, keep in mind that I do not do long range trips, so this rig may or may not get much use. Mainly building it for night time flatfall fishing. Looking forward to your input.
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  • Jul 29, 2010
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    whichever has the longest bunk
    Several hundred flat-fall drops taught me that the most important things to me was that the reel would (A) have a fast retrieve in high gear, I want 40" or close per handle turn, and (B) would be balanced and stable on retrieve so that I could lay the line by just moving the reel a bit side-to-side as I turn the handle, not forcing my left hand into a cramping position to try to hold the rod and lay line too. Flat-fall and rapid yo-yo lure retrieval were key to me taking the rig out onto the rail.

    For my hands, the rig that works the best is the Avet HX. I also have a nice Penn Torque 40NLD2 on a great rod and it also kills tuna, but I just can't get it to lay line without my fingers guiding it. So it stays rigged for live bait on a deep sinker. Both reels have 400 yards of 80# braid, and I have never yet run out of line while fighting a big fish. If that happens, I am OK with the fish winning, I don't throw my gear into the water, ever. And it you can't fight a big fish with a good rod and the rail and low gear, accept that you aren't fighting a fish, you snagged a submarine, and go get another bite.
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