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Mar 14, 2010
San Clemente
Capt Devo
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Best thing you can do for yourselves is not spend all day relying on or trying to be the big "Radio Hero" for those too cheap to purchase Fish Dope. I always keep mine on CH16 just in case someone nearby needs help. Better to "learn how to find fish on your own" just in case someday there is no one out there to spoon feed you. Only exception I make is for someone that has small children onboard I'm glad to help them. The sport boats just use their cellphone when able or use modified radios that have back channels not installed on your off the shelf VHF. Many captains go as far as to broadcast erroneous information sending private boaters on long wild goose chases these reports are intended and work well to clear out large areas of productive fishing ground for themselves to enjoy with privacy. Get Fish Dope!
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