Quick Monday AM report, SMB.


Hired Gun!
Apr 28, 2004
John Collar
Parker 2320
Had a 1/2-day to burn so I went fishin' 6:30-10:30.
Fished 3 miles north for one 20-25 pound BSB, released unharmed and she swam back down.
If you only knew how bad I could taste that fish and smell it on the BBQ.
Hey DFG! :finger: Thanks for mis-managing that species also. :finger:
Fished 4 miles south for some Sand Bass, fooey.
Moved up a mile + and found a decent Halibut at 24 inches.
Decided to tag and release it.
Not a lot of finbait until the sun tried to sneak out at 10, then it showed.
Squid is still in Hermosa, and surrounding area, for those that want to make your own.
Larry has LIVE SQUID @ In-Seine and nice Sardines.
Sorry no pictures today.
Good fishin' to everyone!
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