SOLD Quantum Cabo CNW 30 PTS Conventional Reel


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May 3, 2016
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Quantum Cabo CNW 30 PTS Conventional Reel. This is a great little offshore reel made by Quantum a few years ago. I use one of these and I have another that I love in the 20 size. Set up with braid it is a great 30 or 40 lb. Bait or jig reel for fishing local waters offshore. It is a slightly smaller spool and reel than a daiwa 40 or shimano 20 so the spool is probably slightly smaller than those two making it just a bit better for casting. The daiwa 40 and shimano 20 are both great jig reels and I have one of both. The finish on this one might be slightly better.

Rated for 400 yds of 20lb Mono and a 6.1 gear ratio there is plenty of capacity for 50 or 60lb. Braid. It has more than enough drag for 40 lb leader using a ceramic drag system. I measured the drag on one of mine at 18lbs. The drag system is a ceramic drag system from Quantum that might benefit from a little cal's grease.

Great little reel and much cheaper than a new Shimano Torium or Daiwa Saltier which are over $200. New this retailed for about $180. This can get you in the game much cheaper. I really like mine. I would keep it but have too much stuff.

I measure the spools on some of my reels, and here are the measurements for the Shimano 20 and Daiwa 40. This reel’s spool is just a little smaller diameter, and a little narrower. It’s spool volume is just a bit less, but the volume is very close to the Penn 25N.

Spool Dia. Spool Width Spool Volume
Quantum 30 43mm 43mm 42 cu cm
Shimano 20 57 39 53
Daiwa 40 57 41 54
Penn 25N 57 33 39

The spool length on the Shimano, Daiwa, and Penn are all average estimates as these spools are all a different width from the top to the spindle, while the Quantum is pretty straight. But based on the spool volume calculation, the quantum is pretty similar to all of them, and actually a little narrower than both the Shimano and the Daiwa max widths as the numbers above are an average and not the width at the top of the spool. The 25N is about 42mm spool width at its widest, so the quantum is about the same width, just not as tall.

Asking $125.



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