PV offshore 1/23 with Danny Gomez


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Jul 27, 2009
Seattle, Wa
Jeff Nelson
Deckhand of "JuiceboxII" And soon to be captain of fishpimpiii
Got my offshore fishing day with Danny Gomez as part of the annual family fishing vacation. This year my dad flew down to go out with me and as it turns out Danny has his son Daniel deckhanding for the day.
It was a pretty special father son experience as Daniel hooked his first Black Marlin and that meant I got to catch my first Marlin of any species.
Later in the day we battled a second even bigger one (500+) but it pulled the hook near the boat which was ok as one marlin worth of smoked marlin is enough and My dad and I both got to battle it for an hour before it came off.
Never thought I wouldn’t care about losing a 500+lb fish but it was such an amazing day that I don’t even mind.
I will never forget the picture in my head of that huge marlin tailwalking towards the boat from 50 feet away right after it was hooked.
Thanks for an awesome day. It was a trip and a fish of a lifetime.