PV Oct 18-25 Good, bad, and great!!


  • Mar 14, 2008
    53’ Hatteras STEEL N TIME
    Bullshipper.. My being hard of hearing has nothing to do with this situation.. I have refered Lora to several people and everyone has had a great time..

    G-Spot.. I know it isnt about the money.. However Lora normally charges 80 dollars a hour, so you did get a good deal becuase you were out on a 12 hour trip. Bummer about the hundred bucks incident.. There has to be a explanation for that..

    When I lived in Punta Mita, Immediatly i was disliked by the locals because i took jobs away from the locals. Lora was one guy that always stood up for me.

    Dylan, I appreciate the referral, and I am pretty sure I have determined the explanation for the extra $100. He simply figured he deserved it and jacked me.... It was real clear when I reminded him that he had told me $700.00 when I booked he got a mischeifus grin and said "that's before you caught fish"......

    Although it was a good day and I did catch fish, I was out at Corbentania for a big tuna..... I have caught several Marlin and Sailfish, and I do not need a long boat ride for that.... Dorado is not a big deal I can catch them till my arms fall off on a long range trip.... Not compaining it's called fishing, but everybody is telling me what a solid day I had, but I had just as good on Friday and stayed inshore around the islands.

    The Mexican mentality is much different than ours. My guess is he felt he could have chartered for $800.00, so he should get that much... I just wanted to share the info, and let people know. I do not expect a big explanation or anything else.... I have no doubt he can catch fish, and it was a great day. An issue with hooks, and a weak moment at the end of the day.....

    He was a good guy to fish with, and we had good conversation about you, Josh, his travels to Canada, his family etc.... I just wish he would have kept his word.... regardless of the $80.00 per hour, $800 per day, or anything else I am used to a deal being a deal....

    I would also like to add that many of you keep referring to "these two" are the a couple of the best fisherman around meaning Lora and Largo.... Remember Largo no-showed and the deckhand was Lora's brother.... I had to show him how to connect braid to mono..... I was watching him study a knot on another rod trying to figure out how to attach the braid to the leader, so I actually showed him how to tie an albright..... He used the San Diego and used it well, but I did not get the "dynamic duo" you all keep referring to. Largo was in bed sleeping.....
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    May 10, 2003
    Mika Tan
    Blah, blah, blah, blah, snivel about paying an extra $100 after traveling all the way to PV and fish with one of the premier fishing captains in the fleet, and you should have given him at least $900 including tip even at a $700 price, blah, blah, blah.............

    Did I leave anything out?
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