Inshore Pt Loma Kelp 7/27

Halibut Howie

1987 Cabo 216
May 22, 2003
San Diego
Halibut Howie
1987 Cabo 216/F150 "Have Not Blown-up Yet!"
Got an early start today arriving at the boat at dark. Tried for bait in the slip for nada. Different story at the bait barge. Caught all the macs I needed within 30 minutes. Took the inside passage around PL and up to the college on the hill. Then out to the edge of the kelp to start looking for a dragon or two for dinner.

For 4 hours I tried to hook those elusive devils. The baits were a little large so I'm guessing the little lings would mouth and destroy the bait but not get the hook in their mouths. Finally got a bite that took, only to bring up a 18" calico. The weather was windy and nasty with a triple swell counting the wind waves. Getting discouraged I said one more drop into an old spot I had not tried yet. Bam, fish on, taking drag on 50 lb test. After pulling her out of a kelp tangle, she fought and took drag all the way up from 90'. Finally dinner (30" greenie), so called it a day at 1100.

There were birds working about a 1/2 mile west of me with a few boats stopping to check it out. Water was rough and dirty. Had something take my mac on the way down. I could not stop it. Broke off in the kelp after a 10 minute struggle. I'll be bak.

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