Inshore Pt Dume/ smb


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May 8, 2006
So cal
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18.5 Wahoo cc , Evinrude Etec V6 135 HO
I left smb with 2 good buddies Friday8/5. The plan was to look at dume area where I saw and got bf last week. I know reports didn’t look good. But I would take a look weather permitting. It didn’t look great but there was a early window NOT. We found a good temp break 3 miles sw 69 blue water. No sign of fish or birds but many schools of bait 60-80 deep. We passed thru the shipping lane for nothing. That was during slack tide and choppy windy conditions ugg! Back up plan was to fish smb with the good incoming tide. First few spots had wind against tide. Water was a funky color. On the beach it looked better but no bait. We got a few calicos biggest about 4 lb. so my last stop honey hole had good condition and the tide was moving good now. I metered fish stacked up. I dropped the spot lock tm. For the next hour we caught at least 80 sandies all 2-3 lbs with a few in the 4 lb class. We were fishing 80 g Diawa silver and black jigs. Color didn’t take matter much. It was game on. Earlier on a deep spot were were looking for rf and I got a small one. I sent him back down hoping Mr. ling would take a look. After a couple short bites I was on and drag was getting pulled off my PENN 300. This one stuck 28 “ ling. I love when a plan works. A fun day on the water with 2 of my best fishing buds !

John Stidman

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Apr 29, 2018
Baketsfield ca
John Stidman
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26ft seaswirl striper,24 ft trophy walkaround,24ft glasply flybridge.
Nice. I was tempted to go fish that same exact area and redondo canyon Sunday. But looks like weather done a 360. Gd job on getting it done. Hopefully the next 2 wk ends look gd. I gotta get on them bf.
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