Offshore Producer Saturday 9-25


Feb 16, 2018
Spaghetti Madness
Went out Friday night on the Producer out of H&M Landing. Loaded up with good sized ‘dines and motored way south. Ended up at the dumping grounds 80 miles south west, water was 71-72 ish. Slow morning that was saved by a call in from a Small Private or Charter Boat. Thanks!

They gave the info on kelp holding a couple hundred dorado. I ended up with two pretty quick then switched to lures and rubber band rig for the hope of some tuna holding deeper. Captain said a few meter marks but nothing wanted to play. Boat ended with 25, should have been way more. Fish ranged from 4-16 lbs. most around 10-12lbs.

Fish bit any good bait away from the boat, I caught one on 20 then moved to 25 and 30. My Brother also got two including a nice 16lb bull, his first Dodo and a beauty.

Food was good, boat was clean. Both captains are very cool and easy to chat with. Only gripe was fish cleaning was $15 a fish!!! WTF! Learned my lesson, processors or do it myself. Very fun trip with both nice weather and passengers.
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