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domesticated pinhead

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  • Jun 28, 2018
    Santa Cruz
    Boat Name
    Looking for a market price opinion for my boat.

    2018 Parker 2320:

    • Located in Santa Cruz, CA


    • Yamaha 300
    • 400 hour service just completed
    • Professionally maintained
    • Enertia 3 blade prop
    • Yamaha Saltwater Pro 3 blade factory prop

    Furuno Electronics (Professionally installed Spring 2022 Johnson Hicks Marine)

    • 9” TZT3 MFD (two in cabin)
    • 2” TZT3 MFD (mounted at cockpit second station)
    • 24” DRS4D-NXT Radar
      • Mounted on a Battle Wagon SS Tower
    • SCX-20 GPS Satellite Compass
    • NavPilot 300 Autopilot
    • Furuno DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar

    Radio (Professionally installed Summer 2023 Johnson Hicks Marine)

    • Standard Horizon VHF with AIS
    • 8’ 6dB Digital Antenna

    Transducers Furuno

    • B275LHW on Fairing Block
    • 1655T-B54 Thru-Hull Multibeam Transducer f/DDF3D

    Battery System

    • 3 Batteries
    • Promariner Prosport HD 20 PLUS 20 AMP 3 Bank battery charger
    • Switch Charger Relay ACR
    • Wired for Scotty Downriggers

    Bait Tank

    • Pacific Edge 48 gallon off-shore bait tank with rod holders

    Rod Holders
    • 5 Burnewiin GM 650 mounts
      • Numerous different rodholds and downrigger accessories can be mounted here
    • 2 CE Smith Flush mount zero degree rod holders
      • For Bentbutt Bluefin or Swordfish
    • 2 Leninger style drift rod holders on bow

    • Pacific Galvanized double axle trailer
    • Access ladder
    • Loading guides
    • 2 Spare tires

    Factory Accessories
    • Second helm station
    • Factory Rod Rocket Launchers (6)
    • Westcoast Bow Rail
    • Seaspenson captain chair
    • Tuna door
    • Swim ladder
    • Windless

    History of Boat
    • Boat was purchased by the original owner (not me) in 2018/2019 from Sterling Marine in Morehead City, North Carolina.
    • I bought boat from original owner, via consignment at Sterling Marine, with less than 100 hours on it Winter of 2022 from Starling Marine
    • Trailer was purchased used/rebuilt from Pacific Trailers in Winter 2022
    • All stock Garmin electronics were removed and my customizations made for West Coast fishing

    Reason for Selling

    • Downsizing and reprioritizing finances
    • I have not had as many opportunities to fish off-shore as I would have liked, and don’t foresee that changing in the near future with family and work priorities
    • Lack of long distance towing missions to use boat off-shore
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    I Should Upgrade My Account
    Aug 3, 2017
    San Diego
    Boat Name
    Parker 2310
    Should go for quite a bit, thats perfect 23' boat for socal all set up. Just missing tower controls. Btw do you mind posting pictures of your transducers, I'm curious to see how they were mounted. If it was me I'd list for what you're into it with all the upgrades, inflation included and see how it goes. GLWS. I lived in SC for 5 years, fished salmon up and down the coast, I love it up there. Sorry to hear your salmon is closed, hopefully it's for the better
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    Almost A Member
  • Jun 8, 2021
    Los Angeles
    Boat Name
    Bayliner Ciera 2252
    Suggest you go over to Craigs List-boats...Some 23' Parkers for sale in LA area that might help you determine a price range....Good time to list with tuna and albies heading north...
    There's a handful of older Parkers on CL that have been sitting for at least a year. They just keep getting reposted over and over. I think some of the demand for used boats is dying down.
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    May 15, 2023
    Boat Name
    In this market you should be very lucky to get $110k for it. Socal people have learned to move boats from east coast. Even insurance value the boat base on east coast boats.

    Covid interest rates are gone. Couple of dealers in east coast are selling new leftover parker boats at 20% lower than what they were quoting in early 2023.

    Electronics are very nice but people have differen preferances. What matters for you might not be a thing for the new owner... so you can't expect to get the exact value of the "extras" on resale.

    Just being realistic here or you can wait years like many CL posters.

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    domesticated pinhead

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  • Jun 28, 2018
    Santa Cruz
    Boat Name
    I would dis-agree...Parkers hold their value and are in high demand on the west coast. Of the 7 Parkers listed a month ago on Craigs List, only two remain and one of those is a new listing. Price it fair and it will sell fast...
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. Definitely a cooler market than 2021/2022 but I'm not convinced its dead. I'm happy to entertain reasonable offers. Please send anyone interested my way.
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