PRICE DROP! Japan Curados, Abu Revo Toro Beast, BG Saltists, Baja Special...


Oct 11, 2003
Capo Beach
15' Gregor

I guess I was reaching a little bit with my asking prices. All prices dropped. Need to move these things. Let’s make a deal.

Got some solid reels up for grabs. Can’t figure out how to change my profile but I relocated to Seattle WA so unless you’re a King County local reels will have to be shipped. Prices include USPS Priority shipping. Willing to make deals on multiple reels. Slide in the dm’s for more pics/details.

2 Curado 300e’s- Both in good working condition with minor wear and tear. One filled about halfway and one topped off with 65 pound braid. $130 each or $250 for both.

Curado 300EJ- Good working condition, tiny bit of wear and tear, pretty close to brand new. Filled with 65 pound braid. $130

Curado 200DHSV- Good working condition, some boat rash. Curado 300E handle. Half filled with 50 pound braid. $100

Curado 300DSV- Not the smoothest reel on earth but still in good working condition. Filled with 65 pound braid. $100

Take both Curado D’s for $190.

Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast 60HS- Great condition, used maybe a dozen times. Have box and all 3 stock handles. 6.2:1 gear ratio. Filled with 80 pound braid. $175

Daiwa Saltist BG 35H- Good condition, used a handful of times and has a few scratches but works great. Filled with 50 pound braid. Clamp included. $130

Daiwa Saltist BG 40H- Great condition. About 2/3 filled with 65 pound braid. Clamp included. $140

Penn Baja Special 113HN- Damn bear brand new. Been on a couple boat rides. Backed with 65 pound braid/50 pound topshot. Clamp included. $180
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