Presenting The NEW Floating Hammer Bomb!

Scuba Chris

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  • May 17, 2016
    Kapolei, HI
    Christopher Takahashi
    Christina Ann
    The Hammer Bomb "Float" For Shore Casting!

    A Hammer Bomb is essential for any serious spin caster's arsenal. When i was a kid we used to use used golf balls with 2 i-bolts screwed in to create the fore-runner of today's Hammer Bombs. Bill Newton, owner of Ewa Beach Buy & Sell is the creator of the Hammer Bombs. So what is a Hammer Bomb?

    HB's are cast assist resin balls that either slowly sink, glow, flash at night & now floats. I personally use all forms and found them invaluable for my shoreline fishing needs. For my style of fishing i find this particular HB to fill several needs
    1) Instead of using Fly Casting Gear to fish extremely shallow sand flats & reefs for Bonefish i now can use the HB Floats.This means i can rely on only 1 rig instead of 2 when hitting the shallows.
    2) I now can cast over mixed terrain from 1ft to 10ft without fear of losing lead or risking cracking plastic bubbles, even the Tough Bubbles.
    3) If you shore cast off an area with the wind at your back you can "float" a bait far off shore where the big boys hang out! I use Life Savers candy with the hole to loosely loop the leader line through the hole for this.

    The money i'll save over time is for real replacing casting assist products. Also my personal time it takes to go out to replace lead & bubbles, not including the gas. Today Bill gave me the HB Float that he ran over 2x with his truck. I also ran over it 2x with my SUV. The HB not only didn't suffer any damage, it also still floats!

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