Inshore Premier AM Half Day - 6/20 Fathers Day

eric perez

Mar 3, 2018
Costa Mesa Ca
eric perez
no mas
took my son out on the Premier yesterday for the AM half day run...
fished right out front Point Loma Kelp and it started out slow... then went wide open on the short Cudas... till Mr Seal started his breakfast passes... LOL

Set up on the anchor Stop #2 and I dont think Ive ever seen such good bass fishing... or not in a long time...
We fished 20lb / #2 / 1/2oz sliding sinker... and some really choice anchovies... flip it out... and as soon as you hit the kelp tops it was bendo...
most of the fish were nice quality too... all fish were at least 12" - 13"... and I think we got close to 50 keepers on the boat... I dont think I saw any Dinks all day...

my son lost a close to or legal WSB as he tried to bounce it... that was a bummer... would have been his first!
but he also got the only RED on the boat... sliding sinker rig in 80 feet of 67 degree water??? we were all puzzled LOL

kept (3) calicos and the Red for tacos... between the two of us we probably released over (100) fish... Cudas / Calicos... it was almost every bait for a couple hours...
I could see the meter most of the day... house door was open... there are fish STACKED everywhere out front there...

really fun day... great boat... great crew...
Epic Fathers Day... except the traffic coming home... North 5 from the 8 all the way to San Onofre... JESUS H...





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  • Aug 11, 2006
    Costa Mesa
    Great Report and pics and NICE FISH Father and Son.
    Time well spent. My dad had me winding on cuda age 4 on the Shoe with a Penn Long Beach and glass trout rod in 1950 on the AM Half Day Matt Walsh. (holding on to my belt loops) LOL Keep me on boat.
    Time spent fishing w/dad. PRICELESS
    Glad you had a fun time!
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