Port of San Diego COVID Facts FYI


Retired USN SEAL
Jun 19, 2008
Sorry for late report:) Where to go for facts: Port of San Diego; Click COVID-19: The Port of San Diego; Scroll down to FAQ.

BullFrog Summary: On 3/4/2020 Gov Newsom passed various State laws pertaining to COVID-19 and inter-alia, granted local agencies, i.e., Port of San Diego, and other agencies in the SD county emergency powers beyond those they have in non-emergency times. The most important part of that new, temporary COVID-19 law, is the interpretation that boating and fishing are considered "non-essential activities from 3/4/2020 until further notice." (I know, I know - all you want to do is fill your freezer and feed your family - so don't come back with that argument,.e., don't shoot the messenger.)
So here's the way it all could work against us fishermen who just want to get out on the ocean and chase Tuna. Find a launch that isn't closed (they are out there, e.g., I daily see trailers at Coronado Launch next to the little park where the statue of the WWII Frogman is)) and head out. You might get stopped by anyone of up to 5-6 agencies (all empowered by the State) depending on their mission. The worst would be San Diego Harbor Police who would probably ask you if you were aware of the State's Stay at Home" orders...that you were engaging in a "non-essential activity." How that scenario could go would take way too long, so let's pick the worst: He could ticket you and you would be facing a $1,000. fine and/or up to 6 months in jail.
Say Harbor Police was taking a nap, and you made it out to Mexican waters. On the way back the Customs guys would want to know if you were doing any drug deals, do you have a record, all kinds of stuff; the USCG would want to know the same plus whether you had all the required safety stuff (life jackets, fire extinguishers, etc.) and whether you had the new "California Boater's Card."
We already know what the Harbor Police would ask you; so there is always the rare possibility that Fish & Game would want to see your fish and whether you filled out your "Declaration for entry into California of Game, fish, birds, or animals." and whether you were in complainace with 2020 DFG laws.
Hope this helps those of you (who like me) have been wondering what the facts are and frankly, are tired of the partisan conspiracy theories and other nonsense that some have been putting out instead of "just the facts.".

Last, maybesome good news, heard on the local news that some relaxing of the port of SD laws may be forethcoming sometime in May, but that, for now, is just ole Navy scuttlebutt.
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