Porgies continue through the week, but slow down.


Sep 25, 2016
Brooklyn, NY
Boat Name
70 foot

Summer Porgy Run 2022
OK - so here is the scoop on the Hot Porgy fishing that we have been going through the last week. About midway through last week huge porgies moved in the lower harbor along with bluefish. We have been crushing them, and they have been huge. You can find the pictures around here and about brooklyn-fishing.com. Things began to slow down considerable yesterday. Monday morning was still hot fishing, but few blues in site. The porgy fishing all but died by Monday afternoon for daytime fishing. But night fish is still quite good. Although not the red hot fishing we had earlier in the week it was still very productive. Last night, Monday, I was on the MJIV with Rafeal and a boatful of regulars. I pulled in 15 respectable fish, and Ralph 3xs that of course. The night fishing was not the in the hot daytime stops, but east. It was rough bottom and I went through considerable tackle and was fustrated at time. But the tally on the night overall was very respectable.
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