Poppers and Jigs for Panama


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Aug 18, 2009
Pinedale WY USA
Dave Harper
17 Crestliner
I will be fishing around Coiba Island for 5 days toward the end of April, and was wondering about opinions on must have jigs and poppers--including sizes and colors? My experience with this type of fishing is limited to dorado, jacks and roosterfish off of the beach in Baja with 1-2 ounce poppers/spoons.

My wife and I are spending a week touring around Panama in a rental car the week prior to going fishing, so I want to keep the tackle box as small as possible.....


Mar 20, 2008
Carmel, CA
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Having fished those waters myself I can offer some proven recommendations:

1. West Coast Surface Iron is cheap and deadly. Tady C, Salas 7x and hammered diamond jigs are killers. Butteryfly styles work too, take your pick up to 250g for deeper jigging from 100-500 feet if you are so inclined. Blue and White, Blue and Silver, Pink.

2. Poppers: River2Sea Dumbells, OTI Wombats and Roberts Rangers. Cheap and effective. Every Color works as it's a reaction bite not a delicate presentation.

3. Yozuri Crystal Minnows, Daiwa Saltiga Dorado Sliders in all sizes, floating and sinking work. Can't go too big in Panama. Sardine, Dorado or Pink.

After that there are a ton of pricey "boutique" poppers, stick baits and swimmers that run from $30-100 bucks or more each that are killers too if the above are not sexy enough for you.

I'd say if you filled one Plano Utility box total with one each of the above categories (Iron, Surface and Sub Surface) you would be good to go for 5 days.