Offshore Popper blow ups

Ryan js

May 24, 2020
Ryan Sallinger
17 foot whaler
First report on here. Got to mission bay at 5 and skipped bait today because of all the foam spots on Thursday. Headed strait to the north 9 the fleet was there so went off a few miles around them and saw a few jumpers but that’s it. Also found a paddy with dorados on it but would not bite anything we threw at them. Pushed out to the corner area and worked the ridge saw one foam spot for nothing. Trolled for a hour or so and decided to call it a day. But in the way in we found some birds working and casted a tiny Halco popper under the birds and a nice yellow fin (18-20lbs I think)explodes on it get him in and it’s game on next bird school we find we see bigger fish right under the surface and cast the same popper on it and with in 2 pops bit it looked like a kite explosion it was that violent of a blow up. This is a bigger fish on a 4000 spinning reel not the best fight but 35 minutes later we get it in and it was a solid 65 lb bluefin taped out. After that we went in few to ice reasons. Just watch the birds they tell you everything you need to know
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