Poor charter experience. Poll: Do I deserve a refund?


Aug 15, 2010
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Shit happens cough it up. You have good days and bad days on the water, just like life. Ive had nightmare trips on numerous boats throughout the years; it is all part of the game. Sometimes things just don’t line up buddy. You will have an epic one coming your way because that’s how the universe works!
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Jan 7, 2008
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I've been on three bachelor party trips,they all sucked.I'm wondering if the skipper couldn't wait to get these guys off the boat.No on the refund.
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Robert c. Sample

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Feb 11, 2019
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Your from san Francisco. Dodgers Padres country. You should have known better. Captain is a Padres fan.so are the fish.go back and fish by your ball park in a kayak next time.. xss

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Jun 22, 2006
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I've been on three bachelor party trips,they all sucked.I'm wondering if the skipper couldn't wait to get these guys off the boat.No on the refund.
Maybe when the Captain heard that there
Was going to be a bunch of guys from SF,
On this trip, he had a hard time sleeping,
Worried about getting rear ended,
And he worried about his crew bending over to gaff a fish, that’s why he didn’t want you guys to catch anything.
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Dec 12, 2018
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Okay, there's quite a bit to dissect here, much of which isn't totally accurate or is coming from an emotional posture of over-expectation and anticipation due to being "the first time I've ever been able to get all my best buddies together to fish" and it being your bachelor party. And your post here doesn't exactly match the same claims in your emails and you conveniently leave out other key details like how the other boats at SCI had moved around the island as fishing was hit n' miss there too (NOT "I think we arrived after 2pm to find the fleet had caught all the fish they could and moved out." lol), you complained about sealions, etc. but that's okay. We get it, you want everything to be perfect for your big trip.

I spoke to Capt. Jeff and the rest of the team about the details and circumstances of your trip. While we empathize that you weren't satisfied with the outcome of your trip, by your own words in your lengthy emails, the Capt. actually did what YOU WANTED HIM TO DO IN THE FIRST PLACE (go bluefin fishing because you had bought and rented all kinds of gear for it and your heart was clearly set on it)...he also attempted to improve the bait situation and call out to other boats to get better bait, but we cannot control whether they ultimately give us their bait or not. That situation is out of our control, which you also acknowledged in your email. When the bluefin (your chosen target) didn't cooperate, the decision was made to try SCI for yellowtail. The reason the fleet moved was because the fishing was hit and miss that day at SCI due to boat traffic, so they kept trying to find the fish. There was a zoo of boats there because the offshore weather on the outside turned and forced boats to stay inside and fish frontside of SCI. As for sealions that you mention in your email, we can't control them either.

For the record, the yellowtail in our fish count the following trip were NOT caught at San Clemente...they were caught at the Tanner Bank because the weather laid down enough to get back out there. Again, it was just an unlucky window on your trip which happens with fishing.

We understand that you are disappointed that you didn't catch fish. Unfortunately, we cannot guaranty catching fish and sometimes the bait, weather, fish not cooperating, sealions, etc. just doesn't work in your favor.

Sincere best wishes with your wedding and I hope your future fishing trips are "catching" trips.
The captain of the trip convinced us to go for Yellowtail off Clemente. I agreed to go with that course of action knowing the current conditions with the zoo. The captain then informed us the island was closed to fishing so we had to change our plans. In the afternoon, i was able to gain cell service and proved to the captain the island was open. The captain ADMITTED he read the closure wrong. If the captain did not read the closure wrong, we would have started off Clemente with fresh bait and had a much better opportunity to catch fish.
Two of the deckhands told multiple members of my group the trip was a bust, that we got screwed and deserve a refund. I'm not making that up.
I also did not put Outrider on blast on this thread; that was another member who dug into my past posts asking for a good boat.

This wasn't about us not catching as many fish as we wanted, this was about your captain making an error and the correct thing to do would be to own up to that error.
For you to not accept any accountability for your captain's failure and ignorance reading the naval closure wrong is absolutely unacceptable.
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Jul 26, 2007
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Sooo, were the strippers happening at least?

Stripers, yeah, that's what I meant, striped marlin. Anything shakin' there?

Good fishin'!
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Sep 20, 2005
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boat spank GIF by Lil Dicky

Pics from the trip
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