Polaris Supreme Trip Report Nov 2nd-12th

Dexter Outdoors
Sep 16, 2020
Southern Oregon
James S HILL
Royal Star, Polaris Supreme
I will not go into too much detail because our trip was just like every other 10 day trip recently. We did not chase Bluefin and we headed straight for the ridge. Started on the 13 for small tuna. We worked our way down to the 23 and found a little better grade tuna but nothing over 30 lbs. We scratched 19 wahoo the first day on the 23. The second morning was slow so we worked our way back up. We got on a great dodo bite in route and ended the day with a great tuna bite just after dark. Still no fish over 30 lbs. Next day we headed towards Alijos and spent two nights catching 30-40 lb yellowtail. During the day we would chase wahoo around the rocks. I think the wahoo count for the trip was 41.

Thanks for the help and suggestions leading up to the trip. This was my first trip in 20 years and things have changed a bit. The tips I got here were very helpful. I did struggle with the limit, knowing what to keep and what to release. Ultimately I am pleased. I kept a limit that consisted of 10 tuna, 5 wahoo, 7 yellowtail and 3 dorado. I also hooked a good sized striped marlin and got it to the boat for pictures and then release.
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tom fowlks

tommy tuna
Apr 11, 2018
Los Angeles
tom fowlks
sounds like a strong outing and you did well to get 5 wahoo with those numbers!
the night bite on YT sounds like it was the icing!
looking forward to my 7 day on the Shogun first week of Dec!
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