Point Loma 4/20


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Apr 10, 2009
hemet ca USA
21' crystaliner /15' prowler
Trolled a lot and drifted a lot. Got bait in the dark and headed in the direction of the Whistler bouey metered around a bit. Started heading south dragging a bunker colored Rapala stayed in about 175' of water. Caught 2 Bonito before I hit the border. Made a u turn and trolled back in the direction I came from but out a bit deeper around 250'. Made it back to the Whistler area which had now gathered a crowd of a few six pack looking boats and a bunch of PB'ers. Decided to drift that area for a while because I get super bored trolling and at this point it had started getting a bit bumpy when heading north. I caught a legal sized ling a sculpin on bait both released, and a 3rd Bonito on the white sumo yoyo. (6xjr size) . The area around the Whistler looks like it's about to fire off. I metered several good looking marks, some packs of fish, I just couldn't get them to eat the jigs. After that I headed to the bay to make a few drifts before I called it a day. I had several baits racked., and caught 5 sandbass one of which was probably legal. I brought the 2 troll bones home. One was full of eggs. But after I finished cutting., and was about to clean the boat I noticed something on the deck. I think it might be krill but I'm not sure It may be the reason that I could not get the fish to eat the jigs or baits too well.

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Mar 27, 2018
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North Pacific Krill, Euphausia pacifica. Never seen bones full of them, though. Early season, cooler water phenomenon perhaps. Was off Carlsbad on Saturday, SST was a chilly 58.5. Much cooler this late in the season as we’ve had in a while...
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