PLK - July 10, 11


Aug 18, 2004
San Diego
Gary Moyer
38' Bertram - Los Lobos
Fished half day off Point Loma (Green Tank) Sat and Sun. Bass going off so stupid each day even I could catch them. If too far off the kelp the berries macks (Sat) and macks only (Sun) were basically a pest.

Went solo Sat and must have had 30-40 bass - literally every cast from 2 pm to 5:30. Hit pastics, Trix, chovies, deans (deans seemed to get the bigger models). 4 out of 5 were bass, with the 5th being berry or mack. On Sat, threw a dean into an open spot, missed it on circle hook, popped the dean back over to the West of the open spot, see the bass lunge again and I missed that sucker again. By this time the dean was basically a skeleton and was a just West of the kelp line - a berrie hit it and then that damn bigger model bass came and just knocked the berrie away and ate the dean. It was cool to watch the play-by-play.

Sunday, had a guy who spent his first 40 years in Italy and said he loves eating macks so he was happy they were thick. Re-positioned to get JUST off the kelp and you could get away from the macks and get the bass-tards.