Playa del Sol 9/13-17


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May 12, 2011
santa rosa/ca/usa
gary furness
It was nice to get out of the smoke , and a trip back to the East Cape.
United flight from SFO, ~30% full, plenty of room.
Playa del Sol was near empty, with the daily census ranging from 9 to 14.
I fished 14-15 with Abraham/Paco on the Mako, then the last day with Paco/Pancho
on the Thresher. Both boats set up sweet, nice guys to fish with.
Fortunately, there were a lot of porpoise , and most had tuna. Depending on the school,
sizes ranged 10-25. I did get one ~ 45lb and one ~ 70 lb. Rude Boy 2 got a 200 lb
tuna on the 16th.
What made the tuna fun, was catching nearly all of them (and 1-3 white bonita each day) while
working a hoochie. Initially Abraham did not think they would work because " hoochies haven't
caught tuna in weeks".
Dorada? MIA. I got one 25lb bull on a ballyhoo.
2 sailfish out of ~6 in the pattern, one was really nice, ~100 lb.
Wahoo? I was told i was off a week.
Baited 2 sleepy stripers, no interest.
Best bite, was the last morning. We were called to a porpoise school, captain was looking around, mate
was busy, and i put out the first plain cedar plug. Within seconds a blue appeared behind it, and sank. However,
i did get in a "Blue Marlin" yell,but Paco/Pancho were polite,but ...........Pancho said, maybe you saw a sail?
Fortunately, about 20 sec. later, the blue popped back up , smashed the cedar plug and took off. After
about 6 jumps, and it settled down, i said to Pancho "big sailfish?" :)
Fortunately, the fish stayed on the surface and after ~ 40 minutes was boat side, Pancho grabs the swivel , and the leader
broke off. I am counting that as a release :)
Great weather , with warm (86 to 90 F) water.
Total Palma/Playa boats per day were 11,9 and 5(!).
Everyone there is very happy to have any customers.
Ate at Tio Pablo's one night, and i was the only one there.
one downside? My non stop back to SFO took a detour, to Houston.