Playa del Carmen w/ Robert Navarro Wearever Sportfishing


I Love This Game
Jul 17, 2007
Whittier, Ca
Boat Name
Just returned home from a week in Playa del Carmen and wanted to post up my 1/2 day fun in the sun. Before we left I looked online for sportfishing recommendations. The one that stood out to me was Roberto Navarro. I wanted to continue to learn and practice jigging techniques so this was a logical choice for me. The day started on the shelf right outside the harbor maybe 1/4 - 1/2 mile. We trolled a bit to the first spot with no love. When we got to the first spot Captain Robert gave us the heads up on technique and it was time to start jigging. On the first drop I got absolutely hammered by a nice fish. Unfortunately we can only guess its was an Almaco Jack because about midway through the column I got hammered again by a shark estimated about 150lbs. After pulling on thta thing for five minutes or so, he bit through the 80lb leader. Needless to say we moved to let him enjoy his breakfast in peace.
At the next spot I got hammered again buy a little smaller Almaco we estimated abou 18-20lbs, we boated this one. As the day progressed we boated two more and lost two more to sharks.
On one stop Robert was throwing poppers to see what he could find and he found a nice BlackFin Tuna. He handed it off to me and we boated this one as well. He went about 20lbs as well.
We wrapped up the day jigging near the harbor and heading in. All in all a great trip.
I really enjoyed learning the topography of the area. With Roberts explanations of where we were and the layout, I was able to have a better feel of how to jig depending on where we were in the water column.
If you're heading down and you want to drop your jigs, reach out to Captain Robert, he's one hell of a fish killer for real!


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