Plastics, Leadheads, Squish Jigs


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Jun 23, 2009
Los Angeles
Have some lots of plastics and other lures.

(B) 10 pks 3" & 4" AA & Big Hammer swimbait tails. there are 4 packs of AA 4" swimbait tails (2 pks Rags to Riches, 2 pks Hot Belly Calico). 1 pack of Bighammer 4" in Pacific Chovy. 4 packs of 3" Big Hammer (2 in red calico hunter, 1 sexy smelt, 1 Halloween. 1 pack 4" Big Hammer Ring black color. the 3" baits come 6 per pack...the 4" come 4 per pack. $30 for the lot...shipping additional. 20191025_195829.jpg 20191025_195842.jpg

(e) Miscellaneous Surf Fishing lures: 5 packs 1-3/4" (2 motoroil red and green flake, 2 rootbeer gold flake, 1 white..25 grubs per pack). 1 pack gulp 4" sandworm in blood red, 1 pack 6" sandworm in camo color, finally 1 small spool of magic thread for fishing with bait like ghost shrimp or anchovies so they stay on the hook a lot better. Everything for $20...shipping would be additional. 20191221_142642.jpg 20191221_142713.jpg

(f) savage gear squish jigs...opened for picture. Added another lot of these 4 colors... $34 shipped. first pic shows one side...other pic shows the jigs flipped over. Im only ishipp

(k) 5 Savage Gear Slim Squish 80 gram. Longer..skinnier baitfish profile..all 5 shown...$35 picked up...add $8 to ship.



Heres some links to my other listings:

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