Pier Crab Snaring Tips?

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  • Sep 24, 2019
    Mariposa, CA
    Wade Knupp
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    I haven't snared Crab from a pier in a long time, and can't say I ever was super successful. Family and friends are talking about a trip to Pacifica Pier, Mother's Day weekend, with some interested in Crabbing. What tips can you guys give me? How much weight do you add to the snares and how, what bait, where on the pier,...? I'm thinking we will be mostly seeing Dungeness Crab. What other species can we expect? I know I will need a Crab gage and a snare or 2 for each person that wants to try. What fish species should be around that area?
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  • Aug 14, 2012
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    Love that Pacifica Pier.... but have truly seen so "crazy" fishing there over the years. When the crabbing is good.... you better get there early. Have seen many fights there about "placement" and where you can "cut in". Gotta be better than the usual "sh#$" show at Fort Point Pier though. Good luck!
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    Dec 11, 2003
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    Well it is all about placement :D with a colorful crowd.

    Never done it but interested in hearing more about it now. Actually was curious and just checked. Looks like a fun way to get dungees. Fishing rod and reel for crab

    Probably already checked and will probably get more useful tips here. If someone is willing to talk

    Can do it from the beach if the surf is small and the pier is packed on holiday. So thats cool can get away from people

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    Jan 13, 2018
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    Get snares with the soft mono loops. They get mangled more quickly but catch crabs way more efficiently than the heavy, stiff, blue loops. The stiff loops spring open too easily. Promar still has the soft mono loops, but they have changed the trap body. I prefer the 2 or 3 oz weight inside the trap but you can get by with attaching a 2-6 ounce weight snapped or wired on the far end of the trap. Squid is the number one bait, but they eat it very quickly and the remaining small pieces wash out of the trap. To combat this, get the mesh body wash puffs from the dollar store or market, or soft mesh from a hobby or fabric store, and use pieces of the mesh to wrap your bait inside the trap.
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